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The Townsend House
The Townsend House was the home of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Townsend. The house, which was designed with an eighteenth century floor plan, contains six rooms and an entry hall (not including the kitchen and bathrooms). The home includes a variety of antiques from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including collections that the society has gathered since its organization in 1973. The home came into the possession of the Catonsville Historical Society because Mrs. Townsend had bequeathed it to the Society in her will. Among the property's many features is the recently completed knot garden.

[Picture of the Townsend House and Pullen Museum]

The Pullen Museum
The Pullen Museum is currently the headquarters of the Catonsville Historical Society and includes what was originally the decorator workshop of Mrs. Townsend, an antique dealer. The original workshop was remodeled, enlarged, and ultimately attached to the house to form, what is today, the Pullen Museum.

The Pullen Museum is named, for the founder of the Catonsville Historical Society, Dr. Thomas G. Pullen, Jr., and houses Catonsville memorabilia, the Genealogical Section's Library, featured exhibits, and some of the Society's collections.

[Picture of an exhibit at the Pullen Museum]


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