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Townsend House & Pullen Museum

The Catonsville Historical Society has been established to preserve the legacy and educating about the history of Catonsville, Maryland. The society runs the Townsend House and Pullen Museum that house historical artifacts and other exhibits related to the history of the area. The rooms in the Townsend House are decorated to showcase different periods in the history of the U.S. The most interesting exhibits include art work, paintings, architectural and train models, prints and local arrowheads. Plus there is a knot garden, one of the oldest types of formal garden design in America.

The Townsend House
The home of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Townsend, the building features six rooms and a spacious hall, as well as the kitchen and bathrooms. There is a recently completed knot garden near the house. In the Townsend house there are a number of antiques from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. According to Mrs. Townsend's will the house was donated to the Catonsville Historical Society.

The Pullen Museum
The Catonsville Historical Society is now headquartered in the Pullen Museum. The building was originally the decorator workshop of Mrs. Townsend who specialized in antiques. The premises of the original workshop was refurbished and reconstructed to become bigger. It is now attached to the house and is home to the Pullen Museum named after the founder of the Catonsville Historical Society, Dr. Thomas G. Pullen, Jr. Among the exhibits of the museum are several collections, other memorabilia and the Genealogical Section's Library.

CatonsvileHistory - The Pullen Museum

The Townsend House and Pullen Museum are open to general public by appointment.