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Model Train Collection

The community of Catonsville is no stranger to trains or streetcars. In 1884, the Catonsville Short Line Railroad was established with a steam engine pulling passenger and freight cars through residential land to a terminus on Frederick Road. By the 1890s, Catonsville had a double track streetcar line that ran along Frederick Road.

The line extended from Catonsville to County and out to Towson, providing a line to the two growing Baltimore County suburbs. The lower level of the Townsend house, entered from the Pullen Museum, is currently home to a working train garden layout. Plans are being considered to add or to convert the layout to show the historic route of the Catonsville Short Line Railroad that once traveled from Loudon Park Cemetery to a terminal in the 700 block of Frederick Road, East of Mellor Ave.

Of particular interest at this time, is the information about any of the crossings, stops, etc. of the Short Line Railroad, en route from the cemetery to Frederick Road.

Catonsville Short Line Railroad Track Today and Formerly

However at this time the Society is in need of individuals with an interest in, and knowledge of model trains to help complete this task. Another idea of interest would be to re-create a portion of the old streetcar lines that once ran through Catonsville.

In addition there are some interesting toys to examine in the same area of the house, making this an interesting spot for kids to come and check out.