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Overview and Purpose
The purpose of the Genealogy Section is to promote and encourage interest in family genealogical research through lectures, discussions, and workshops.

Programs and guest speakers cover a wide range of "how-to" subjects - immigration, early American ancestors, military records, computer genealogy, etc. - and will be of interest to both beginning and advanced genealogists.


The Genealogy Section has a small but well-chosen library from which Genealogical Section members have book borrowing privileges for a month at a time.

Additionally the CHS Genealogical Section maintains a database of ancestors/surnames that members are researching. The database is international in focus and may be useful to other genealogical researchers.

Please see the Society's contact information page for Genealogical Section points of contact.


The Genealogy Section meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month from September to May, at the Catonsville Historical Society's headquarters. Click here for directions.


Membership Information
Members of the Genealogy Section must also be members of the Catonsville Historical Society. For information on joining the historical society, see the Society's Membership Information page.

Genealogical Section Membership dues are $5/year in addition to applicable Society membership dues.






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