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Genealogy From Catonsville Historical Society

Catonsville Historical Society provides the Genealogy section to ignite peoples curiosity about their families genealogy. Lectures, workshops and discussions are held on how to research your families genealogical records. With in these programs they explain immigration paths, military records, how a computer can trace genealogy and much much more. Guest speakers will also be featured on certain dates. These meetings are held at the Headquarters of the Catonsville Historical Society at 7:30pm. the first Wednesday of every month.

The Headquarters of the Catonsville Historical Society

The Genealogy Section has cultivated a small library that Genealogy Section members have access too. As a member you are allowed to borrow books as well. You will also receive access to a database which contains a search engine with surnames that are traceable to ancestors. This database resource is internationally based which can aid in researching your genealogy immensely.

In order to become a member of the Genealogy section you must be a Catonsville Historical society member as well. There is a yearly due of $5 annually to be a member of the Genealogical Section and this is on top of dues also needed as a Catonsville Historical member.